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2021 China adjusts import tariffs on some commodities! It involves packaging machines, mechanical parts and other commodities


  The plan mentioned that from January 1, 2021, China will implement a provisional import tax rate lower than the MFN tax rate for 883 commodities. According to the annexes of the relevant notice, this tariff adjustment is a strong adjustment in recent years, involving not only the tax rate adjustment, but also the adjustment of tax items that have not touched much in the past few years, so it is quite interesting. The total number of adjusted tax items reached 8580, an increase of 31 over 2020.
  According to its accessories, the packaging machinery industry is involved, such as packaging machine for automatic aseptic filling production line, automatic filling equipment and its parts for dairy processing, complete set of CNC servo device for machine tool (including CNC operation unit, with supporting servo amplifier and servo motor), programmable controller (PLC) And other related mechanical equipment and required parts and components are also listed in the 883 items.