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2021 three development directions of packaging machinery industry!


  Although packaging machinery started late in China, after more than 30 years of development, packaging machinery manufacturing has made a great breakthrough. According to statistics, there are more than 1300 varieties of packaging machinery in China. In terms of production capacity, by 2020, the output of special packaging equipment in China has reached 263400 units, a year-on-year increase of 25.2%.
  However, at this stage, the technical content of some packaging machinery products in China is not high, and the main market of products is still occupied by foreign manufacturers for a long time. Many domestic enterprises are still in the stage of imitating foreign products, or can only produce some parts and general models. There are still a few enterprises that can independently develop products with good technology and excellent quality.
  With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, new requirements will be put forward for China's packaging machinery and equipment and packaging technology on how to adapt to market changes, improve product performance and improve international competitiveness. Three development directions are imperative.
  1. Multi purpose and high quality
  Packaging is a necessary condition for commodities to enter the circulation field. Following the consumption demand and consumption concept of packaging industry and consumers, producing packaging machinery with higher quality is the key to the development of the industry. Under the condition of meeting the functional requirements and safe production, the packaging machine has been seeking high quality, personalization and strong flexibility. This requires that the equipment should be highly functional, be able to adapt to different packaging forms, shapes, sizes, material structures and closed structures as standard functions, no need to add accessories or other customized solutions, and can effectively meet the product requirements of various uses.
  2. Efficiency and intelligence
  Affected by the increasingly fierce market competition in downstream industries, large-scale and intensive production forms, rising human resource costs and other factors, packaging equipment is playing an increasingly important role in production and logistics. Highly automated, efficient, intelligent and energy-saving packaging equipment has been favored by downstream industries. Traditional packaging equipment is gradually integrated with Fieldbus Technology With the continuous combination of transmission control technology, motion control technology, automatic identification technology and safety detection technology, intelligent packaging equipment came into being and improved continuously.
  Fully automatic, unmanned and integrated packaging equipment is a good opportunity for vigorous development at present. Packaging machinery will cooperate with the trend of industrial automation and continuously promote the overall competitiveness of intelligent packaging equipment.
  3. Green environmental protection
  In addition, green environmental protection is a constant environmental theme in the future. For the packaging industry closely related to people's life, how to improve machinery, how to better comply with the concept of green production, and how to make production safer, more refined and more suitable for demand are also social topics that need Chinese Enterprises to think in advance.